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Window Cleaning




Window Cleaning if often last on your to-do list however it is more important than you may think;


  • Windows/ glass is porous and collects dirt which can lead to loss of transparency, pigmented spots and allow microorganisms to grow.
  • Windows are one of the top way visitors subconsciously perceive the credibility of a business
  • Dirty windows affect overall heat efficiency of your home and office. Dirt particles reflect more UV light
  • Once your windows start looking aged it can be hard or even impossible to reverse the process. Micro-cracks, scratches and mould will gradually destroy the glass and force you to replace the whole pane. Brushing your teeth is cheaper then getting a filling

Window Cleaning is available in Napier and Hastings please call Trevor on 0800 674 733 or 027 205 1742.



Both teams are experienced window cleaners both commercial and residential and will be happy to supply a free quotation.